The 6 Pillars

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Academic Development

The Academic Development pillar's main focus is to help out students within SHPE in their performance academically and make sure that students are aware of the resources available to them within both SHPE and the University itself.

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Chapter Development

Chapter Development's main focus is to bring everyone together and allow for a welcoming environment to everyone that is interested in joining SHPE by hosting social events and hosting programs that help for the transition into college!

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Community Outreach

Community Outreach focuses on giving back to our community within Austin, Texas by hosting volunteer events that not only help foster a bond with the Austin community but also within the chapter itself.

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Leadership Development

Leadership Development focuses on providing adequate opportunities for our members to expand on their leadership skills and thrive in any setting. We strive to achieve first-class leadership through officer shadowing, mentorship matching, and recruitment efforts!

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Professional Development

Professional Development focuses on making sure the transition from college to the workplace for our members is as smooth as possible by hosting events from professional dinners to resume building workshops.

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Technical Development

The brand new Technical Development pillar is there to hone in on any technical skills that could be of use in the future to our SHPE members such as website building, CAD modeling, and more in hopes to make such skills readily available to members.